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Kamis, 18 Juni 2020 15:50

ILFA Appreciates the Presidential Order Number 5/2020, Concerning National Logistics Ecosystem

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National logistics and forwarders players appreciate the issuance of Presidential Order Number 5 Year 2020 about Arrangement of the National Logistics Ecosystem.

The instruction (Inpres) that issued on June 16, 2020, shows that government is very serious in fixing and developing national logistics system.

“We greatly appreciated issuance of the Inpres. We acknowledge our government is very serious in building backwardness in infrastructure and connectivity throughout Indonesia,” Chairperson of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ILFA) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said, Thursday, June 18th.

This Inpres includes simplifying the process of inspecting goods, facilitating access to logistics services through collaborative export and import systems with relevant ministries and institutions, implementing an integrated risk management system, related ministries and institutions.

The beleid also accommodates improvement of logistics process efficiency by collaborating with transportation sector, as well as shipping, port, warehousing, container depot, and simplifying business process of state revenue payments and synchronizing container railway lines.

According to Yukki, it is time for National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE) to be launched and used by stakeholders, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, digitalization has become a necessity.

"With this NLE, efficiency and transparency will be created and hopes to reduce logistics costs that are currently fairly high," Yukki explained.

He emphasized, NLE is bringing together both export and import logistical businesses in one platform to exchange information with the API (Application Programming Interface) concept.

Innovation and business transformation are needed in this current pandemic, because digitalization is very helpful and makes it easy for business people to carry out their activities.

"Today we are also conducting online meetings. There should be no problem for development of smart logistics today, moreover government already has the concept of NLE for flow of goods and flow of documents," he added.

Currently the development of digitalization in addition to the import module, track and trace, supply chain to the last mile delivery, IoT (Internet of Things), warehousing, depot and cross border data exchange (data exchange) do not forget the banking and insurance sectors to support Trade Financing for the convenience of ALFI members.

"Of course all of that does not forget aspects of digital security," said Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, who is also Chairperson of ASEAN Federation for Forwarder Association (AFFA).

Given the importance of digital platform collaboration so that it becomes an ecosystem, ALFI continues to encourage digitization to create seamless synergy between stakeholders, both government and private. (am) (hlz/hlz)