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Senin, 22 Juni 2020 19:08

Throughput Decreased, IPC Eyes on Warehouse Market Opportunities

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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)/IPC recorded container throughput of up to 2.8 million TEUs in January-May 2020. Although it decreased by 10.4% compared to the same period in 2019, it was not as sharp as the decline in national imports.

"We are grateful that the impact of the pandemic has not reduced the activities and productivity of the Port as deep as other sectors such as oil & gas, transportation and tourism," IPC President Director Arif Suhartono said on Monday (6/22).

Citing data from the Central Statistics Agency, national exports in May 2020 recorded 10.53 billion USD. This figure is down 28.3% compared to May last year, while in terms of value it fell 42.2% compared to May 2019. Last month's import value was 8.44 billion USD.

According to Arif, slowing export and import activities also occurred in all countries. China, which was excited in April, was again corrected last May.

Aside from being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, June's figures are also the impact of slowing export-import activities, a week before and after Idul Fitri.

Nevertheless, Arif remains optimistic that this situation will gradually improve in the coming months. At least, the flow of containers will increase after Lebaran, as the cycle of previous years.

"The decline in throughput during Hari Raya almost occurs every year. We hope that in June there will be a rebound in the container flow, although the impact of the pandemic will still be felt, "Arif explained.

Despite the general decline, IPC sees growth potential in this 'new normal' period. For example, in the midst of the decline in ship flow, there was an increase in the volume of warehouse use in a number of ports, including in Tanjung Priok Port.

"At the moment we are still consolidating data on the growth of warehousing occupancy at the port, as part of the study material to review the company's target for 2020," Arif said. (hlz/hlz)