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Rabu, 24 Juni 2020 19:02

Until May 2020, JICT has Served 588 Vessels

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Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) has served 588 vessels during the first five month period of this year.

Based on data from the JICT input, in January 2020 the busiest export-import container terminal in Indonesia was able to serve 118 vessels, 110 in February, 124 in March, 129 in April, and 107 vessels in May.

During the first five months of 2020, JICT has also handled loading and unloading of 734,006 twentyfoot equivalent units (TEUs) or equivalent of 496,733 boxes, with details of export containers 343,072 TEUs (231,341 boxes) and imported 390,934 TEUs or 265,432 boxes.

Based on that data, there was a decline in container flows in February and May this year. In January there were 164,168 TEUs, February 117,123 TEUs, March 159,456 TEUs, April 170,578 TEUs, and May 122,682 TEUs.


In early June 2020, JICT also announced new innovations in service at its terminal by testing new Load and Unload system called Dual Cycle Operations.

This is an activity of combining unloading as well as loading of containers from and onto ships as well as transportation to the field with a series of the same truck rotation.

This Dual Cycling operation makes the Pier Crane activities operate more efficiently. Not only that, this trial can reduce the fuel consumption of container trucks from the dock to the field and vice versa and make the engine endurance longer.

"We are trying to analyze the impact on environment. More fuel efficient and measured emissions allow this innovation to also have a very good impact so that JICT continues to be an environmentally friendly terminal," Gunta Prabawa, President Director of JICT said. (hlz/hlz)