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Sabtu, 27 Juni 2020 14:42

ICDX: Ready to Facilitate Tin Export from Smelters in Bangka Belitung

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Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) is ready to facilitate tin smelters in Kepulauan Bangka Belitung to trade on the stock exchange, following information that several smelters in the region start to export again after a long vacuum in the commodity trade.

The readiness was revealed by ICDX President Director Megain Widjaya through the ICDX Representative Head of Bangka Belitung Muhammad Irham, Saturday (6/26).

"The point is ICDX is always ready to facilitate smelter companies which is our member to trade on our exchange," said Irham.

Even so, he claimed there was no special preparation to face the plan, since all processes in the commodity trading activities had been systemized. "For us, we are ready anytime," he said.

Contacted separately, President Director of ICDX Bonded Logistics (ILB) Erwin Taufan said, his company's warehousing facility in Bangka Belitung was also ready to support the export activities.

"We hope it can increase the stretch of commodity exports in boosting national economic growth," Taufan added.

Center for Bonded Logistics (PLB), he explained, was functioning as a storage facility for goods mainly related to exports and imports of commodities traded in the world.

Until now, Taufan continued, ILB operates bonded logistics warehousing facilities in a number of regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Pangkal Pinang, Medan, and Surabaya.

ILB is a subsidiary of ICDX and Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) whose main activities are as storage warehouses. "We have been informed that in the last few years, a number of tin smelters in Bangka Belitung have not been operating due to difficulties in exporting tin produced. With PLB existance, commodity trading movements are expected to grow again, "said Taufan.

Based on a report from Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Kepulauan Bangka Belitung economy grew 3.32% in 2019, slowed down compared to previous year 4.46%. Value of tin exports from this region in 2019 fell to USD253 million or Rp3.5 trillion compared to 2018. (am) (hlz/hlz)