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Rabu, 08 Juli 2020 17:15

Indonesian Government Echoes the Ease of Crew Change

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Ministry of Transportation is campaigning for Global Calling All Ships In Ports Worldwide: Sound Your Horns by inviting all ships that are docked or anchored to sound three long blasts simultaneously on Wednesday (8/7) at 12.00 WIB.

These three long blasts are an acts of support for the ease of crew change as the goal of the campaign, which was also echoed by Directorate General of Sea Transportation as the administrator of International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Shipping and Maritime Director Capt. Sudiono said, the Global Calling All Ships In Ports Worldwide: Sound Your Horns Campaign is also one of the objectives and support for Virtual Maritime Summit on Crew Change Meeting which will be attended by Minister of Transportation on Thursday (9/7).

"This campaign is a preliminary action for efforts to realize the ease of crew change which has become a global crisis due to Covid-19 pandemic," Capt. Sudiono added.

In his point of view, crew or sailors should be positioned as keyworkers, especially during Covid-19 pandemic, considering that in these difficult times it was important to ensure that global supply chain continues to run in order to save national economy.

That is also to maintain the operation of shipping or sea transportation to run safely and efficiently, considering 80% of world trade is carried out by sea.

"Many countries have not classified seafarers as keyworkers, so they cannot get on or off ships easily because of travel restrictions. This then becomes a crisis, because if crew change cannot be carried out, ships will not be able to sail, even though these vessels facilitate 80% of world trade," Sudiono said.

This inability to facilitate crew change then causes delays or deadlocks in the continuation of the global supply chain which is very important, especially during Covid-19 pandemic.

"Therefore, it is important for international shipping companies to be able to make crew changes around the world, apart from restrictions imposed in each country as a countermeasure for Covid-19," he explained.

Indonesian government, according to Sudiono, plays an active role in supporting the ease of crew change, one of them is by facilitating crew change for international shipping that requires crew change in Indonesian territory.

In the upcoming Virtual Maritime Summit on Crew Change Meeting, Indonesian Government represented by Minister of Transportation, planned to sign a Joint Ministerial Statement stating Indonesia's support and commitment to the ease of crew change.

By signing this Joint Statement, Indonesia stated its commitment to classify seafarers as key workers, while simultaneously facilitating seafarers to be able to move freely as key workers who provided important services.

"Indonesia is also committed to providing facilities for seafarers in carrying out the process of crew change and repatriation, of course in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia," said Sudiono.

For your information, Virtual Maritime Summit on Crew Change Meeting was initiated by United Kingdom with limited invitation to 17 countries. They are Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, India, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates Arab, United States, Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

The meeting was also attended by 6 international organizations, namely IMO, UK Chamber of Shipping, International Chamber of Shipping, Maritime UK, ILO and ITF. (hlz/hlz)