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Kamis, 03 September 2020 20:38

Implementing Online Truck Registration, TPS Towards Manless Gate Operation

Ayu Puji
(Pelindo III)


Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) performs online data collection on truck operators and their fleets through TPS Web Access in order to improve services to customers, especially on receiving and delivery services.

Through this online data collection, the process of identifying trucks when making transactions at the Gate In will be faster because they have been recognized by the system and physically through a permanently attached batch number.

This will make it easier for drivers and equipment operators during the process of placing and picking up containers at the container yard. TPS has conveyed the registration of truck operators and their fleet to Organda and Aptrindo in a letter dated 22 July 2020.

The data collection is an additional effort to improve the gate process at TPS along with the implementation of the auto gate system using a lane scan camera with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reading method.

Through this system, identification of the container number and other attributes such as ISO container, MWG and DG labels have been carried out automatically by the system.

TPS Operations Director Bambang Hasbullah said the online data collection was in line with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero)'s program in refining the master database for trucks that have activities in port and terminal work areas.

"Every truck that comes in has identified the data and it is needed to support the implementation of safe and smooth operations in TPS work area.

This is one of TPS efforts to accelerate service at the terminal and minimize the queue for trucks that will carry out activities at the terminal, where the average number of trucks going in and out can reach 3,000-4,000 units every day.

“Online data collection on truck operators and their fleet will speed up the registration process because it can be done anytime and anywhere,” he said.

This online feature makes it easier for service users to monitor the verification status of truck registration data, unregister truck ownership data, and download permanent batch number templates.

In addition, Bambang added, the improvement of the manless gate process at the TPS can be realized immediately because it strongly supports the implementation of the health protocol in the new normal period, reducing contact between truck drivers and gate-in import officers.

The registration of the truck operators and their fleets is a form of synergy between Pelindo III and its subsidiaries in system integration within the Pelindo III Group, so that trucks registered at TPS will automatically be registered in the Pelindo III truck master application at the same time. (hlz/hlz)