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Selasa, 06 Oktober 2020 16:47

Garuda Indonesia Opened Special Cargo Flight Manado-Narita and Makassar-Singapore

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Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia officially opened two new special cargo flight routes connecting Manado – Narita (Japan) and Makassar – Singapore, to support the competitiveness of national export commodities, especially from Eastern Indonesia.

The Manado – Narita cargo flight kicked off on September 23rd and will be available once a week using regular aircraft Airbus A330-200 with a carrying capacity of up to 35 tons. This flight is also seamlessly connected to other destinations such as Jakarta, Makassar, and Ambon.

Meanwhile, Makassar – Singapore route kicked off on Oktober 5th and will be served once a week, also using regular aircraft Airbus A330-300 with a carrying capacity of up to 40 tons.

This special cargo flight takes off from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar on 16.00 Central Indonesia Time Zone (WITA) and arrive in Singapore on 18.40 Singapore time.

CEO of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra explained that, as the national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia committed to taking part in advancing the national economic sector through increasing the accessibility of the air cargo flight network for Indonesia's leading export commodities to the global market.

"The operation of new cargo service connecting Manado and Narita is a result of our initiative between Garuda Indonesia along with the Governor of North Sulawesi, Olly Dondokambey, in increasing the competitiveness of North Sulawesi's maritime and agricultural products by the development connectivity of the air cargo flight network from one of the largest fresh tuna producers regions in Indonesia," Irfan said in a statement.

He hopes this air cargo connectivity development would further increase competitiveness towards the quality of Indonesian maritime commodity product through a shorten the delivery time of the products without having to transit in several flight hubs.

“Thus the quality and freshness of the products will be better maintained as well as for its competitive logistics costs, and the export commodity prices can be more competitive in the global market," Irfan continued.

In the same time, Irfan added, the new cargo service connecting Makassar and Singapore would increase the competitiveness of export commodities from east part of Indonesia to Singapore as one of biggest importer di South East Asia.

“Makassar as an aviation hub has a strategic location as a gathering point for cargo commodity shipping networks in Eastern Indonesia which is connected by direct flights to a number of areas that produce superior national export commodities such as Ambon, Kendari, Sorong, and Manado,” Irfan said. (hlz/hlz)