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Jumat, 06 November 2020 15:41

Excellent! JICT Won the BUMN Branding and Marketing Award 2020

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PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) won the BUMN Branding and Marketing Award 2020 organized by BUMN Track.

This subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC, which is allied with Hutchison Ports, received an award in the best Global Branding and Marketing Communications category.

The award was given to JICT after passing document verification and online judging through a presentation presented directly by the President Director of PT JICT, Ade Hartono.

"To carry out our corporate branding strategy, we always maintain and promote intense and open communication with stakeholders and terminal service users. For us, customer trust and loyalty are examples of the true success of a branding marketing process," PR & CSR Manager JICT Indhira Gita, represented the President Director, said when received the award, Tuesday (3/11).

She said the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has limited companies from directly interacting with stakeholders. "For that we are approaching ourselves in a 'distance' by consistently doing branding and marketing through social media and online news as well as various online discussions with relevant stakeholders in the port environment," Indhira explained.

Not only promotions, she continued, JICT also continues to develop various online systems to make it easier for customers and service users to access and get services that are fast, efficient and integrated with logistics and port agencies.

"And as a subsidiary of world port development, JICT must also be able to see opportunities by continuing to expand its cooperation network with international shipping," Indhira added.

Recently JICT opened a new shipping line service entitled China Indonesia Philippines (CIP) Service which will soon be followed by another new service at the end of 2020.

"Hopefully this award will be a trigger for JICT to continue to develop the best service through a Quality Omni Channel for service users and for Indonesia," Indhira said. (hlz/hlz)