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Kamis, 26 November 2020 12:38

IPC Will Continue the Construction of Kalibaru Terminal Project

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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC will continue the construction of Kalibaru Terminal Project. The next phase of the project includes the construction of New Priok Container Terminal 2 (CT2) and New Priok Container Terminal 3 (CT3) as well as areas for Product Terminal 1 (PT1) and Product Terminal 2 (PT2).

"The construction of Kalibaru Terminal in the next phase includes a reclamation area and a breakwater covering a total of 178 hectares for CT2, CT3, PT1, PT2 as well as supporting areas. The project work is planned to continue in the first quarter of 2021. IPC has also entered into a Kalibaru Terminal Concession Agreement with the Government in 2015 related to Commercial Operation CT2 and PT1 to start operating in 2023," President Director of IPC Arif Suhartono said, Wednesday (25/11) .

Currently, IPC is redesigning the Kalibaru Terminal construction which is targeted for completion in January 2021. Furthermore, IPC will carry out an auction process for new contractors as well as plans to select partners, especially for CT2 operators.

Similarly to CT1, which is now in operation, CT2 and CT3 are projected to have a container capacity of 1.5 million TEUs per year each.

In the future, the two container terminals will also be built with a depth of minus 16 to 20 meters above sea level, so as to facilitate the entry of new generation container ships with capacities above 10.000 TEUs.

The sustainability of the Kalibaru Terminal development is part of the hard infrastructure development that is being carried out by IPC.

For easy operational access to Kalibaru Terminal, IPC will develop the New Priok East Access (NPEA) as an entry access through the east gate.

NPEA access will be connected to the Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road (JTCC) which connects Tanjung Priok Port with an industrial area in eastern Jakarta. (hlz/hlz)