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Jumat, 04 Desember 2020 10:39

Pelindo III Supports Pertamina's Biofuel Material Transportation

Ayu Puji
(Pelindo III)


PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) supports the transportation of Pertamina's FAME (fatty acid methyl esther) biofuel from Gresik to the Integrated Fuel Terminal at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya.

The support is stated in a cooperation agreement between Pelindo III Group, Pertamina Group and PT Wilmar Nabati Group which was signed at Pelindo 3 East Java Regional Office, Wednesday (2/12).

Under the agreement, Pelindo III will support the transportation of Pertamina's renewable energy raw materials from Gresik by shipping route to Surabaya.

Pelindo III Operations and Commercial Director Putut Sri Muljanto said Pertamina's bioenergy demand at Tanjung Perak Integrated Fuel Terminal are about 44,500 kiloliters (KL) every month.

In the cooperation, Pelindo III Group will prepare a pipeline installation for bioenergy distribution from Mirah Terminal to the Integrated Fuel Terminal. Pelindo III is also preparing ships to carry cargo from Wilmar Terminal to Mirah Terminal.

"Today, FAME as Pertamina's bioenergy raw material has been transported using tank trucks, which number has reached 60 units of trucks per day, logistically it is less efficient. In 2 days it can only transport 3,000 KL. But with this cooperation one ship can carry up to 5,000 KL in 1-2 days, of course this is more efficient," he explained.

Besides, Putut continued, transportation by ship is considered more environmentally friendly than using trucks because it is more efficient in terms of fuel efficiency.

"Moreover, transportation by ship can reduce the number of trucks on the road which causes congestion so that road users are more comfortable," he said.

Director of Engineering and Land Infrastructure PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Nur M Zain welcomed the FAME transportation cooperation. According to him, this will provide certainty for the supply of bioenergy raw materials from Pertamina.

"The impact of this collaboration between BUMNs is to simplify, accelerate and ensure the safety of the distribution of FAME as our bioenergy raw material. This is in line with our common vision to support the government in realizing renewable energy,” Nur M Zain said. (hlz/hlz)