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Minggu, 06 Desember 2020 19:57

Evacuation of MV Mentari Crystal that Sank at TTL will be Completed Within Weeks

Ayu Puji


PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) is targeting the evacuation of MV Mentari Crystal containers and ship that sank at Terminal Teluk Lamong to be completed in a few next weeks.

Pelindo III Operations and Commercial Director Putut Sri Muljanto said the company has been mobilizing all internal resources and coordinating with stakeholders to map in the risks and ensure services in Terminal Teluk Lamong run normally.

“We mobilize all internal resources from headquarter and regional office to resolve this incident. Together with stakeholders, we map the risks, both from the operational, environmental, reputation, and other aspects. Every parties have worked in accordance with their respective responsibilities," he told Translogtoday.com.

Putut said Pelindo III is coordinating with all stakeholders, including Harbormaster and business associations, to ensure services keep running and protect the environment in the same time.

"This is a disaster, we will solve it together. We are looking for solutions, not just accusing who is wrong. As for the cause of the accident, we entrust it to KNKT," he said.

According to Putut, the excellent coordination in handling the MV Mentari Crystal incident at TTL on 15 November was successful in minimizing the impact.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Terminal Teluk Lamong Faruq Hidayat hopes that the evacuation of MV Mentari Crystal containers will be completed in 2-3 weeks or in mid-December.

"The MV Mentari Crystal containers that spilled into the sea were 137 boxes consist of 20 feet and 40 feet, even reaching Madura waters. Evacuation efforts are not easy because the speed of ocean currents reaches 2 meters per second," he said.

Faruq revealed that the number of containers that were successfully evacuated until December 3 was 41 boxes of 20 feet and 8 boxes of 40 feet container.

According to him, the 3,200 GT ship will begin to be lifted in mid-December so that conditions in the TTL will be completely normal.

Currently, Faruq continued, vessel schedule at TTL are running as usual. "The incident only caused the diversion of 5 ships from TTL to Tanjung Perak Port, so did not disturb services significantly," he said. (hlz/hlz)