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Kamis, 17 Desember 2020 19:35

Provide Convenience to Customers, IPC TPK Launches Behandle Management System

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PT IPC Terminal Container / IPC TPK continues to perform a digital transformation by launching Behandle Management System (BMS). This innovation development aims to cut time loading and unloading services and provide convenience to customers through digital applications.

Behandle Management System (BMS) is an integrated system that supports a full cycle of goods inspection services (behandle) at the port in the form of a website-based application that can be accessed using the internet or mobile.

"Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are constantly working to improve through digitizing the system at the port to create convenience for customers. With the BMS, they can monitor goods inspection activities (behandle) by using a digital device in your hand," David Sirait, Acting Director IPC TPK Operations & Engineering, said, Thursday (17/12).

The application of BMS makes goods inspection service activities (behandle) more effective, efficient, and transparent. BMS to accommodate the national joint inspection program, namely inspection containers carried out by Customs and Quarantine Center simultaneously.

The BMS system is equipped with several features that make joint activities easier inspection including e-Registration to carry out registration customers who will submit the behandle process as well BMS access registration, e-Request to submit activities behandle the containers to be inspected by Customs officers and Quarantine and e-Tracking officers function to do monitoring documents and containers to be checked, the inspection process and after the examination.

The implementation of BMS system is also integrated with the container terminal operating system (OPUS) and New Billing System (NBS). Thus, all history of goods inspection activities (behandle) can be monitored in real-time.

"The launch of BMS is a proactive step for the TPK IPC to continue providing added value to customers, fulfill owner's needs goods and ensure their business can run smoothly. BMS also encourages digitization of transactions to minimize physical contact during a pandemic," David explained. (arf) (hlz/hlz)