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Jumat, 22 Oktober 2021 19:05

GL Terminal and Clickargo Collaborate to Provide Digital Logistics Solutions in Indonesia

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(GL Terminal)


GL Terminal and Clickcargo have announced the launch of a strategic partnership in Indonesia that will collaborate to provide digital logistics solutions to a range of different stakeholders, Thursday (October 21, 2021).

The solutions will include full connectivity with customs authorities, ports and terminals, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, transportation management providers, ocean carriers/airlines, freight forwarders/3PLs and shippers.

To begin with, the two companies will collaborate to provide truck and container management and e-payment solutions. These services will be aimed at existing and new customers, with co-development of new products and services also planned to help digitization in the local market.

"Our partnership with Clickargo is expected to play an active role in realizing an improved digital supply chain in terms of service container management, which is currently mostly done via manual processes," Nanang Faruq, GL Terminal Managing Director, commenting on the partnership.

He said, the partnership will provide convenience for customers by simplifying processes and making them more transparent, accountable and documented.

"It is not only about making it easier to do business, but it is also aligned with the Indonesian Government program to eliminate extra/hidden costs that contribute to higher logistics costs for all. It is very important for service providers, such as container depots, to play a part in driving efficiencies and to focus on the quality of service," he explained.

Benny Syamrizal, Product Director Clickargo, added, collaboration with GL Terminal allows Clickkargo to create new connections and processes within our platform and close existing gaps where many stakeholders operate individually, and not on a common platform for easy access.

"Our goal is to incorporate all processes and stakeholders on a single logistics platform that integrates all upstream and downstream processes. We are committed to working with partners that will help drive digitization, to provide benefits to all parties. We look forward to a rewarding and successful relationship together."

Since its arrival in the Indonesian logistics market, GL Terminal has focused on offering its customers the latest cutting edge transport solutions and the partnership with Clickargo is part of its mission to provide mid-mile services with a similar level of technological innovation as to what's being offered in the last mile.

Nanang Faruq said, GL Terminal's vision is to be Indonesia's most trusted inland container depot and container freight station by adopting an uncompromising commitment to world-class best practices when it comes to service quality, compliance, HSSE, environmental sustainability, and technology.

In addition to the technology focus, GL Terminal has an experienced management and operations team with extensive industry domain knowledge, many of whom are certified to international standards for areas related to ICD and associated operations. (hlz/hlz)