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Kamis, 16 Juli 2020 12:11

IPC Overhaul the Composition of General Managers and Directors of Subsidiaries

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JAKARTA - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC carried out transfer of duties of several Branch General Managers and Board of Directors of Subsidiaries to refresh the organization and adapt the challanging times.

The inauguration was conducted virtually by IPC President Director Arif Suhartono, witnessed by the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of IPC, Thursday (7/14).

The assignment of position is stated in Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) number KP.10.02 / 14/7/4 / MTA / UT / PI.II-20 concerning Transfer of Duty / Position for Workers in the Environment of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II ( Limited) and takes effect on July 15, 2020, including the appointment of General Manager of Port Branch, Director of Subsidiary.

"This assignment shift is part of organization's routine as a refresher so that IPC becomes an adaptive company and continues to be able to face the challenges of changing times. Mutation, rotation and promotion of positions at top level management is important to provide new enthusiasm and motivation to leaders at IPC," Arif said.

In his direction, Arif asks the position that is entrusted can be carried out as well as possible, prioritize morals, do the tasks in accordance with what promised, and use the authority properly in executing the tasks carried.

Here are the names of these officials:

General Managers
1. Adi Sugiri : Pjs. General Manager Panjang Port
2. Udin Mahmudin : General Manager Pontianak Port
3. Abdul Wahab : General Manager Cirebon Port
4. Kurnia Jaya : General Manager Sunda Kelapa Port
5. Hambar Wiyadi : General Manager Tg Pandan Port
6. Nofal Hayin K : General Manager Pangkal Balam Port

7. Prastyo Wasis P : Plt. Presdir PT IPC Terminal Petikemas
8. Bimo Widhiatmoko : Plt. Presdir PT Multi Terminal Indonesia
9. Bunyamin Sukur : Plt. Presdir PT Jasa Peralatan Pelabuhan Indonesia
10. Imanuddin : Plt. Presdir PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia
11. Drajat Sulistyo : Plt. Presdir PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok
12. Ade Hartono : Plt. Presdir PT Jakarta International Container Terminal
13. Banu Astrini : Plt. Presdir PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan
14. Chiefy Adi K : Presdir PT Pendidikan Maritim & Logistik Indonesia
15. Budi Priyanto : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT Multi Terminal Indonesia
16. Benny Ariadi : Pj. Deputy General Manager Komersial TPK Koja
17. Irwan Favoriet : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT IPC Terminal Petikemas
18. Widodo : Plt. HR Director PT Jakarta International Container Terminal
19. Try Djunaidy : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia
20. Aris Subagyo : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan
21. Aftina Wiedarini : Pjs. Deputy Finance General Manager TPK Koja
22. Reini Delfianti : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok
23. Rati Farini S : Plt. Adm. Director PT Jakarta International Container Terminal
24. Yossianis Marciano : Plt. Commercial & Business Dev. Director PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok
25. Herman Susilo : Plt. Finance dan HR Director PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia
26. Shanti Puruhita : Commercial & Operation Director PT Jasa Armada Indonesia Tbk
27. Cucu Kuswoyo : Pj. Operation & Business Dev. Director PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia
28. Sumarno : Plt. Comm. & Business Dev. Director PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia
29. Urip Nurhayat : Plt. Finance & HR Director PT Jasa Peralatan Pelabuhan Indonesia

Head Office
30. Retno Soelistianti : Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy Planning
31. Bobby Hardian : Pjs. Senior Vice President Transformation & Business Dev.
32. Hardi Wibowo : Pjs. Senior Vice President Civil Construction
33. Wahyu Pradityo : Pjs. Senior Vice President Strategic Projects Management
34. Ali Mulyono : Pj. Senior Vice President of Legal at Legal Division Head Office
35. Rachmat Prayogi : Pj. Senior Vice President Business Alliance & Customer Relation
36. Osman Syarif : Pj. Executive Vice President Internal Audit Unit
37. Edy Purwanto : Pj. Senior Vice President Human Resource Learning
38. Asep Kusnadi : Pjs. Senior Vice President HRD Strategy
39. A Syaiful Amin : Pj. Senior Vice President Information System
40. Ida Darningsih : Senior Vice President Financial Planning & Control
41. Dadang Triwidayat H : Pjs. Vice President Financial Services