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Jumat, 04 September 2020 09:18

Adjusting to IMO’s Principles of Safe Manning, Ministry of Transportation Refines KM 70/1998

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The Ministry of Transportation is preparing a revision of KM 70/1998 concerning Managing Commercial Vessels, following the issuance of resolution of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) No. 1047 (27) regarding Principles of Safe Manning.

Director of Shipping and Maritime Affairs Capt. Hermanta said the KM revision was a form of commitment in striving for shipping safety and security, one of which could be realized by good ship manning.

"With the issuance of a new resolution, it is of course important for us to respond by refining and adjusting to the relevant international regulations and provisions for the latest manning level standards, as changes to the Standard of Training of Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010 Manila Amendment," he said, Tuesday (1/9).

For this reason, Hermanta continued, his directorate initiated the preparation of the revision of KM 70/1998 to realize maritime document management and a minimum level of manning on board (safe manning) to support the government's strategic plan in achieving Indonesia's vision as a World Maritime Axis.

"I hope that the coordination and harmonization that we are doing can improve law enforcement activities at sea, such as shipping safety and security, maritime environmental protection, and protection and development of human resources," he said.

The discussion on the Revision of KM 70/1998 was attended by a team from the Directorate of Shipping and Maritime Affairs as well as representatives from the Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, KSU Belawan, KSU Tanjung Priok, KSU Tanjung Perak, KSU Makassar, KSOP Banten, KSOP Dumai, and KSOP Samarinda.

Other participants are KSOP Banjarmasin, Batam Special Hospital Office, KSOP Sunda Kelapa, KSOP Marunda, KSOP Kalibaru, KSOP Muara Angke and PPSDMPL. In addition, there were also representatives of participants from UPT State Education and Training such as STIP, PIP Semarwng, PIP Makassar, Poltekpel Surabaya and Poltekpel Barombong. (hlz/hlz)