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Jumat, 09 Oktober 2020 16:35

Fully Owned by IPC, ILCS Will Be Merged with EDII

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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC acquired all of the 49% shares owned by PT Multimedia Nusantara in PT Integrasi Logistik Cipta Solusi (ILCS), a subsidiary of IPC that provides information technology solutions. Through this acquisition, ILCS is now fully owned by IPC.

The takeover of PT Multimedia Nusantara shares was marked by the signing of Share Purchase Act (AJB) by IPC Deputy Director Hambra and PT Multimedia Nusantara President Director Niam Dzikri in Jakarta, Friday (9/10).

"With this share acquisition, IPC has the full right to determine the direction of development and various strategic policies of ILCS. IPC will encourage ILCS to transform into an integrator for digitizing ports and logistics, which is expected to be achieved in the next four years," Hambra said.

ILCS is one of 17 IPC subsidiaries that was founded in September 2012. As a provider of information technology solutions at IPC Group, especially for ports and infrastructure, ILCS has developed various applications for digital seaports, payment solutions, and SCM solutions.

ILCS also takes on the role of implementing technology, information and communication (ICT) at the port.

In the future, IPC will merge its two subsidiaries, ILCS and PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDII), which are engaged in information systems.

IPC will change ILCS's business model from being a project based service provider to a product-oriented service provider with a target of earning recurring income.

"Later, ILCS will take on the role of product owner selling its products and services to IPC Group and external parties. I am optimistic that the transformation of ILCS will accelerate the acceleration of port digitization and logistics, which will lead to efficiency in national logistics costs," Hambra concluded. (hlz/hlz)