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Shipowners Must Obey the Salvage Regulation

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JAKARTA - Shipowners are reminded to comply with the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 71/2013 concerning Salvage and/or Underwater Work as amended several times, the latest by PM 38/2018. The regulation emphasizes that ship owners must be held responsible if their ship experiences an incident or accident.

"Salvage activities are needed to provide assistance to a ship and / or its cargo that has an accident or is in danger in the waters, lifting and removing the ship's frame and / or cargo and lifting and removing underwater obstacles or other objects and it is the responsibility of the ship owner," Director General of Sea Transportation R. Agus. H. Purnomo said, Sunday (14/2).

He explained, in 2014, there was an accident case on the KM Patar ship belonging to PT Kanaka Line which resulted in the sinking of the ship in waters in Merauke, Papua.

"In that case, the shipowner did not initially want to be responsible for lifting the wreck. Finally, after a number of legal efforts were made through the assistance of Bareskrim, in January 2021 the ship owner was willing to lift his ship by referring the Salvage company. However, the legal process is still ongoing," he said.

Agus emphasized, PM 38/2018 has been clearly regulated regarding Salvage activities that can be carried out by shipowners. Shipowners can also appoint a Salvage company to lift and remove cargo of ships and other objects that could endanger shipping safety.

"The case that occurred at PT Kanaka Line can be a lesson for ship owners to follow the applicable regulations to be responsible for Salvage activities, in order to avoid taking legal action if there is a violation of the obligations of Salvage activities," he said.

For information, the rules and obligations of ship owners based on Shipping Law No. 17/2008 in Article 203 states that the ship owner is obliged to remove the ship's frame and / or cargo which disturbs the safety and security of shipping no later than 180 days since the ship sank.

In the PM 38/2018 article 13 paragraph (1), it is stated that the shipowner is obliged to remove the frame of the ship and / or its cargo to another place or dumping area for the ship's frame and / or cargo determined by the Head of the Technical Implementing Unit at the nearest port.

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